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Galleri 7 - Urban Art


 Where science and design meets the arts, and creates magic. 

Galleri 7 is a concept art gallery that operates with pop-up exhibitions worldwide. The main gallery is located in Norway. Originally artist run since 1999 as a "pop-up"  gallery.  Our focus is on being a part of the never ending debate: "What is art?"  With this question in mind, we are on the journey, redefining art and design, throug through our project based exhibitions. Both in our permanent space and in "pop-up" locations. We present both solo- and collective exhibitions as well as itinerant, online and retrospective events. We curate exhibitions with exceptional emerging and under-represented artists as well as museum-level artists.  

* We are currently under construction of creating a sub unit under Galleri 7 focusing on urban art. Please do get in touch! 

Our focus is on making art and the artistic process a part of the magic in our everyday lives. We are a non-traditional gallery believing there is room for conseptual ideas within a space to showcase art and design. 

We believe there is a space for innovative and new approaches within the world of arts and design. Our concept gallery is a beautiful contribution to Norways' many wonderous showrooms, galleries , niche boutiques and museums. 

We are bringing new and specialized access to Contemporary art, offering collectors a personally tailored consultancy while lifting the veil of the continually evolving art market.

We exhibit emerging and museum-level artists with various exhibitions throughout the year, while also running a private consultancy of fine art acquisitions for personal and corporate collections worldwide.

Our keywords are people and diversity. We want to define art as it is; Art is a general term for man-made phenomena that are created to decorate and to share an experience, narrative or feeling. Art covers a great diversity of expression, from song and dance (performing arts), via poetry and fiction to painting, sculptures and architecture and fashion. ​ We want to take you on a journey and break down barriers together with you. ​ The gallery conveys art and design in the name of the originator/artist. We will continuously exhibit what our artists and designers create with unique exhibitions.

Our goal is to put an end to bare walls and bare rooms, and provide inspiration for visual experiences. Help people open their doors to art and design, in the home and in commercial sites.

Art is a big and crucial investment, and then it can be reassuring to test whether the picture or design you have chosen fits into your home before you make the final decision. We offer art advice both to individuals and businesses and can offer home loans on some of our art and design works. It is possible to book a paid inspection by our art and interior consultants for a day or for a longer period. 


​We hope you will enjoy your time visiting Galleri 7 while in Norway. If not, you might also still find us "popping-up" in other parts of the world too. (Galleri is the Norwegian way of writing Gallery.)

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Opening hours:

Upon request. (We open our doors for exclusive tours for every individual and organisation.)

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Bank account: 15067562698
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Address: Galleri 7

Osloveien 15, 7017 Trondheim

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