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Art Described:

Within visual art, you will find new and innovative paintings in small, medium and larger sizes. Abstract, mixed media, figurative and many more.

High quality prints and pictures can be bought in our online store as well as in our premises. We are happy to open our store/premises outside our opening hours. Get in touch in advance. We do not do framework, but we can recommend several frameworkers for you.


D.G.A - an exciting new art form/art print (Digital graphic work) which combines the analogue with the digital and comes in low numbered special editions.​ The procedure at D.G.A is very similar to the process of making a serigraph, the difference lies in how the color (ink) is transferred to the sheet and that this technique gives the artist greater control over how the finished work of art turns out. The process of creating art produced using the technique D.G.A starts on paper, canvas or the like where you draw, paint or otherwise create art. The drawing/painting is then digitized in high resolution using a camera or scanner. The next step in the process is to draw fine lines, refine areas in the digitized images, add colours, change colours/expressions. When the artist is satisfied with the artistic expression, the digital images are combined and the artist can print out a couple of copies and see the result. The process of colouring, changing the expression, highlighting parts etc. can be repeated if the artist is not satisfied. When the artist has arrived at the motif/expression he/she wants, it is ready to print the edition.

The difference from serigraphy is that one and one color is not printed on top of each other, but that all the colors are printed on the sheet at the same time. This gives the artist more control and more opportunities when they create e.g. serigraphy. The colors are also clearer, stronger and more uniform than with other graphic techniques. Artists also have a greater opportunity to adjust colors based on proofs and arrive at the color shades they want. You also have a good opportunity to adjust the motif based on the test print and clean up elements before the image is ready for original production. This technique gives greater freedom than in the production of lithography and serigraphy. ​


Giclée is a method of producing high quality digital prints for fine art printed on inkjet printers. The method was originally developed in the late 80s, and the term giclée has since been used by artists and galleries for any high-quality ink print. The giclée method requires special advanced printers and a combination of lightfast ink and acid-free paper which is guaranteed by the manufacturer to have a minimum durability of 60 - 100 years. Such equipment has an 11-color system for inkjet printers (ordinary simple printers have a 4-color system). The technique is used by a number of prominent artists for the production of photographic enlargements and the reproduction of paintings and graphic works in limited editions.

Lithography, litho or lithography is a graphic technique for printing images. The printing method is so-called planar printing and is based on fat and water repelling each other. ​


Linoleum printing, also called linocut, linocut or just lino, is a simple graphic printing technique. Linoleum print is also a term for the print itself, i.e. the graphic sheet or image. ​


Woodcut is one of the oldest graphic printing techniques for images. The impression is created after printing from a carved wooden plate. The term covers both the technique and the print itself or the image that is made using this technique ​


Silk-screen printing or serigraphy is a graphic printing method for images where the printing color is transferred to the substrate through a tight, finely meshed canvas where the motif is delineated with varnish as a stencil or stencil with open and closed parts.


A graphic sheet is a print on paper or another material. The printing plate can be made of wood, linoleum, metal or stone, but other materials are also used. Each motif is printed in a limited number. The prints are often marked with information about how large the print run is, and which number in the printing process the print in question is. The print may be signed in the printing plate. The artist may also have signed each individual print by hand. A graphic print is an original work of art. According to the method, a distinction is made between letterpress printing, gravure printing, flat printing, stencil printing and digital production methods. Graphic techniques are constantly evolving. ​


In addition, we have several original works from several of the artists Galleri 7 promotes. Of other art forms, we have lovely sculptures and unique furniture designs as well as other unique wall art in both textiles and wood that you cannot find anywhere else. We convey both contemporary art by new and established artists and a unique dose of old treasures. ​


When buying art in Norway over NOK 2,000,-  there is a 5% art tax in addition to the purchase price. The funds from the art fee accrue to artists and rights holders through collective and individual arrangements. The collective schemes are managed by Bildende Kunstneres Hjelpefond (BKH), and consist of scholarships, other grant schemes and art prizes. If you buy via our online store, all prices include this art tax. This is an obligatory tax in Norway.

All our items are included this tax fee.

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