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Our project based exhibitions

Here you can find videos of our previous project based exhibitions. 

Exploring the Ocean- Aftermath of Humanity

Pollution and solution exhibit. 

Sustainable art exhibit tackles Plastic Waste.

This exhibit features giant sculptures, installation art, animated art and paintings depicting life under the surface. Many of the art sculptures are made up entirely of waste that has been found, washed up by the sea.

The project is made up of 15 various artists and designers and based on research that takes place through different formats, such as sculptures, installations, printed art, paintings, photography and performance art.

Focusing on the relationship between the ocean, water contamination. Human pollution and plastic waste. It is a broad perspective with not only a localized perspective, but worldly.

Our brand new exhibition is focused on marine littering and we want YOU to become truly fond of the sea.

This is science and art coming together to tell stories about the wonders of the ocean/deep blue through this breathtaking exhibition.

Artists from a broad range of disciplines are selected for their interest in the ocean.


What is the concept of TIME? What does TIME mean for you?


Roots is about the familiar. Wisdom, life, family and what we define

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