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Come explore our captivating new exhibition MATERIALITY in osloveien 15, Trondheim, Norway.

Several emerging and established artists are exploring their creativity through the intersection between art and design.


Here you can find a neatly curated selection of artworks, design and objects. All made with love from each of our artists and designers. Please click on each artifact to learn more about the product and artist.

Ping Pong
Art Dealer
Art Dealer

Welcome to Galleri 7.
Thanks for popping by!

Galleri 7/Urban Art  - is a concept gallery and collaborating designstudio. Our focus is on making art and the artistic process a part of the magic in our everyday lives. We are a non-traditional gallery believing there is room for conceptual ideas within a space to showcase art and design. Trondheim is becoming Northern Europe's most creative hub mecca, and we would like to be a part of this exciting change.

We believe there is a space for innovative and new approaches within the world of arts and design. We hope our concept gallery will be a beautiful contribution to Trondheims' many wonderous showrooms, galleries and museums.

* We are opening a new sub unit, focusing on urban art. Currently under construction.

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