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"Art says" artbook by Liv Fjellsol

"Art says" artbook by Liv Fjellsol

kr 379,00Price

Artbook by Liv Fjellsol.

She has also written "Art Cares"

Art says (2015), 379 NOK

Strong and beautiful, interdisciplinary masterpiece! Art says shows 10 years of Liv C Fjellsol's visual art in development from 2003 - 2013. Apparently many animal motifs but always with the theme of individual and society. The distinctive feature of the images is ambiguous clarity that safeguards individual considerations and confidentiality. Fjellsol has therefore invited an interdisciplinary selection of copywriters to express themselves freely: Elin Kiraly, David F Abrahams, Amal Aden, Daithi Rua and Margot L Tønseth. Art says is an international project, in English also in Norway. The book is strong but not too conclusive: readers are encouraged and challenged to think for themselves. Art says creates professional and creative starting points for further thinking. Book of the year from Art Publishing 2015. Nominated as the year's most beautiful book 2016. Traveled on to the USA for art exhibitions in 2017.

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