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Art cares (2020) Artbook by Liv Fjellsol

Art cares (2020) Artbook by Liv Fjellsol

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Art cares (2020), 479 NOK

She has also written "Art Says". (2015)

Art Cares is about:

About Art cares Reading The Vampire Chronicles is one of many aspects that made me aware of the immense value of the human potential of literature, art and music, when I was young. These books provided me with a personal way of traveling through the world at times when I really needed it. Since then my profession often brings me out into the world I longed for, our common world of diverse cultures, people, history, and knowledge. "I marvel at human endurance" is part of a vampire quote carefully chosen for the Art cares project. Still, after many years as a visual artist with a life full of blessings, more than ever - I marvel at human endurance. The coronavirus pandemic and social distancing requirements have made life tough this year (2020). The unexpected void after national and international cancellations was partly filled by attending my first PhD course (and writing the Ethics in Artistic Research essay). This led to further opportunities to dig deeper into theories of art in context. In addition to a lifelong passion for art and music, the connection to research now inspires my work, to the extent that my studio has become a decisive necessity to be able to visualize the studies and take another step closer to future artistic research. Some of these interdisciplinary influences are represented in the Art cares book; thanks to the international team of text writers. I hope these tidbits will fire readers' curiosity and make them want to learn more about their new favorite topic, author, musician, researcher, artwork, etc. And then there will always be so much more to explore further.

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