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fre. 27. okt.




ROOTS is about your life story. Familiar surroundings. Identity. The wisdom the trees and roots give us. A group EXHIBITION under progress. This will be a pop-up exhibtion in three major cities in Norway. STAY TUNED! We are looking for Norwegian based artists for this project.

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Time & Location

27. okt., 18:00 – 22. des., 18:00

GALLERI 7, Osloveien 15, 7010 Trondheim, Norway

About the event

Welcome to our art exhibition exploring the theme of "Roots". Roots are the foundation of life, the source of wisdom, and the embodiment of the familiar. They represent the interconnectedness of all things and the resilience of nature. In this exhibition, we have gathered a collection of artworks that explore the concept of roots in various forms, from the intricate patterns of tree roots to the depths of personal and cultural history. Through this exhibition, we hope to invite you to contemplate the meaning and significance of roots in your own life and the world around you. Join us on this journey of discovery and connection as we delve into the power and beauty of roots.

The artworks in this exhibition offer a diverse range of interpretations of the theme "Roots". Some pieces may explore the literal roots of plants and trees, capturing the intricate patterns and shapes that signify the hidden network of life below the ground. Other works may delve into the personal and cultural roots that shape our identities and experiences. They may examine the complexities of family history, the nuances of language and tradition, or the ways in which our roots are intertwined with the natural world. Through this exhibition, we also hope to celebrate the beauty and resilience of roots. Despite their unseen nature, roots are the foundation upon which life thrives. They provide sustenance and stability, connecting us to the earth and to one another. They are a source of wisdom, reminding us to stay grounded in the face of adversity and to seek nourishment from the things that sustain us. We invite you to explore this collection of art with an open mind and heart, to reflect on the meaning of roots in your own life, and to discover new insights and connections through the power of art. Thank you for joining us on this journey of discovery and celebration.

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